Local Service, Family Owned

Local Service, Family Owned

Customer Training Programs

Your employees are often the first responders to pest problems in your business. This provides the opportunity for prompt action to control and eliminate the problem before it results in further negative impact to your business. This is only possible if they know what they should be looking for and where to look. This is why Greenshield Pest Control’s training programs are designed to help your business’ management and staff recognize the pest pressures that pose a risk to your business.

Greenshield’s training programs focus on businesses such as:

Restaurants/ Kitchens – Preventative Pest Control

Training can be customized for each client, but typically include such topics as:

  • Identification of common pests in their business
  • Identification of contributing factors to pest problems
  • Cleaning/Housekeeping practices promoting pest free environments
  • Reporting and Communication

Food Manufacturing/ Food Warehousing – Preventative Pest Control

Whether it is government food safety standards or customer/third party audits, Greenshield Pest Control’s training programs can prepare your staff to meet any requirements which typically include but are not limited to such topics as:

  • Clear language related to pest control standards
  • What auditors look for
  • Identification of contributing factors to pest problems
  • Identification of common pests in their business
  • Pest Trending
  • Cleaning/housekeeping practices promoting pest free environments
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Reporting, communication, corrective action, and documentation

Hospitality/ Property Management – Bedbug Prevention & Elimination

Greenshield Pest Control’s bedbug training program has been designed to meet the growing need to educate staff and tenants for bedbug management. While this training mainly focuses on businesses in the hospitality and property management industries, we also provide bedbug training for government agencies such as public health, hospitals/ long term care facilities, schools, municipal housing, and many other organizations that may be affected by the spread of bedbugs. Topics typically include:

  • Bedbug identification and life cycle
  • Signs of and where to look for bedbugs
  • Handling bedbug complaints
  • Staff training for inspecting and monitoring
  • Types of control treatments and preparations
  • Bedbug monitoring and prevention products

Greenshield Pest Control is a family business that has been providing exceptional pest control services for more than 30 years.
We only employ licensed technicians and offer 24-7 emergency service!

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