Pest Control

Pests enter your home or office from many points of entry. They can come through the walls, via supplies and equipment shipped in from afar, and through the front door. Many of these pests come for the warm, moist environments that your facility may offer. These pests are active at different times of year and seemingly spring up from nowhere. They can cause significant damage to a building’s structure, aesthetics, and can contaminate an area or supplies of foodstuffs.

The hallmark of Greenshield, our pest control program is second to none. Our technicians have experience with every pest that can invade your property, whether it’s your home, cottage, or commercial property and we employ the most sophisticated technology to ensure a safe and humane process.

The primary pests that we deal with are:

When Greenshield addresses any pest infestation, we take our three step process; assess, plan, implement.

Step 1: Assess – We need to understand the current conditions for the infestation. We look at:

  • points of entry
  • exterior environmental conditions
  • interior environmental conditions
  • other points of retreat for an infestation
  • conditions that may cause an infestation

Step 2: Plan – We will look at all the conditions of an infestation and formulate a plan that will suit your situation and budget.

Step 3: Implement and monitor – Once we deal with an infestation we need to determine if it needs further monitoring and work. Sometimes you can achieve your goals in your first attempt, while others require exclusion services to ensure the pests are unable to return to their previous locations.

Greenshield looks at the entire situation, taking care to identify elements that may have led to the infestation. We work with you to ensure you have a proactive plan to keep your facility pest free.

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