Local Service, Family Owned

Local Service, Family Owned

Pigeon Trapping (Live Trapping)

A flight of pigeons can often become overwhelming to a business, especially a secluded business where there is very few options for the birds to live and eat or where the public teaches the birds to come near for morsels of food. Not only can the pigeons be unsightly, hanging out on the property, but their droppings can accumulate. Unfortunately, those droppings can quickly add up and they are difficult to clean.

One option for pigeons is live trapping and relocation. To do so, Greenshield technicians set up the live traps in high traffic areas. The traps are humane with sufficient food to keep the birds nourished until we can relocate them. In the end, both hatchlings and adult birds can be relocated without injury.

For trapping to be effective however you must have a strict policy for feeding them. You cannot have someone enticing them into a different direction when you’re trying to lead them to the live trap. Greenshield will establish an easy protocol for you and your staff to follow so you can properly limit the populations. We will also establish a plan to remove the droppings so you, your clients, your employees, and the public will be safe and won’t have to deal with it.

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