Local Service, Family Owned

Local Service, Family Owned

Bird Control & Deterrent Products

When it comes to bird exclusion, bird barrier is one of the best. As a preferred partner, we have a vast array of products that we can use to make sure your unwelcome bird guests don’t come back. The following is a list of products that we use to keep birds from your property. Not only do we use them however, but you can head on over to the store and buy them to use them yourself.


 Exclusion netting protects structures from all species of pest birds. 


 Total ledge exclusion. Repels birds, nesting material and other debris.

Bird-Shock® and Flex-Track®

Low-profile electrified track, conditions birds to leave permanently.



Almost invisible and soft to the touch, fast and easy to install.



The industry standard. Durable stainless steel spikes in Lexan base.

Daddi Long Legs®

Its unique design deters gulls, pigeons, and other large birds.


Economical stainless steel bird spike. Available in three sizes. Three-food long base.


Tensioned wire between posts of varying heights.

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