Local Service, Family Owned

Local Service, Family Owned

Fly Control Products

2000GT Flying Venus & Trade Wall Sconce Fly Trap

Flying Venus sconces create ambiance in your favourite room while providing silent control of flying insects. It features two 20 watt lamps.

2002GT Flying Venus & Trade Wall Sconce Fly Trap

Provides the same control as the 2000GT Flying Venus, but with a deeper design to allow placement of a glueboard lying flat along the bottom of the unit.


219GT Sticky Tiger & Trade Fly Trap

Can be wall-mounted or used as a free-standing portable. It features two 20 watt lamps.

220 Guerrilla & Trade Electrocutor

Lightweight and features a convenient carrying handle which allows it to be easily mobilized and can also be wall-mounted. It features two 20 watt lamps.

225GT Sticky Fox & Trade Fly Trap

 Contains two 20 watt lamps, and can hold 3 large glueboards. It controls flying insects both wall-mounted and mounted under-counter.

601T The Don & Trade Electrocutor

Perfect for corner or flat wall-mounting, two 40 watt insect attractant lamps. It is made of aluminum steel, and the nickel-chromed guard door opens for easy access for cleaning and lamp replacement.

601TJ Junior & Trade Electrocutor

A smaller version of The Don, the Junior features two 20 watt insect attractant lamps.

705 Night Hawk & Trap Ceiling Mount Electrocutor

Contains two 40 watt insect attractant lamps, and is the choice electrocuter for intercepting flying insects in areas where low wall-mounted traps are ineffective.

WS-85 Gold or White Vein Sconce Fly Light

Provides 24 hour, non-chemical silent trapping and covers an area of 900 square feet.

The Fly Light

The 50watt bright ultra violet light attracts light sensitive flying insects. Flying insects are trapped by the glue strip upon entering the fly light. Dust proof shielded glue trap conveniently hides trapped flies.

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