Food Manufacturing

Much like a restaurant, the risk of infestation in the food manufacturing industry is high.

Pests infestations may include

  • ants
  • flies
  • stored product pests
  • rodents

Because an infestation may cause the complete destruction of your inventory, it is important to be prepared and move quickly. Greenshield’s integrated pest management solution (IPMs) is a great way to keep on top of any risks. Not only will we set up a schedule for site assessments, but we will show you how to minimize the risk of infestations from all pests and teach your staff how to recognize the early signs.

Greenshield is HACCP approved and our process exceeds government regulations for documentation and food safety. Our technicians are knowledgeable with all forms of pest infestations and know the proper response so you don’t lose your livelihood or compromise the health and safety of your staff.

Recommended Services

  • Small Fly Program
  • Flies and Flying Insects
  • Wildlife Control
  • Bird Control & Solutions
  • Hygiene Services
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Regional account coverage (chains)
  • Communication and Documentation
  • Quality Assurance / Reporting and Auditing
  • Customer Training Programs
  • Industrial Weed control