Keep Your Home Safe From Pests & Wildlife All Year Long

Winter Pest & Wildlife Control

Winter Pest & Wildlife Control

There’s no doubt that summer is prime pest season. Insects are abundant; flies and mosquitos buzz freely in through opening doors and windows; and wildlife, including rats and mice, actively roam around grassy lawns and open fields.
But, as too many too often learn, such pests don’t go completely inactive in the winter. In fact, when it is cold and wet or snowy outside, pests are even more likely to seek the warmth and shelter of the indoors.

Pests That Are More Active In Winter

  • Winged Carpenter Ants. Flying ants in the home are rarely a good sign, and this is particularly true if they are seen indoors during the winter.
  • Cluster Fly. Homeowners generally expect to have to swat a fly or two in the house during the summer months. But what is an expected annoyance in the summer can be exasperating in the winter when doors and windows are sealed tight, and one wouldn’t think that any flies are existing in the cold outdoors to come inside. So where are they coming from?
  • Mice. A wily, curious creature, the house mouse is the most common of home-invading mice. Cute, perhaps, in a cage in the pet store, but not so cute when it decides to make your house its home.
  • Rats. Sure signs you have a rat is the destruction he leaves behind, it’s not enough to raid the pantry, the constant gnawing and chewing leads him to water lines and wiring wreaking costly repairs and hazardous dangers.
  • Bed Bugs. For decades, the saying “Sleep tight, don’t let the Bed Bug s bite” was a fairly meaningless lights-out phrase for kids. But within the last few years, bed bugs have reappeared, causing sleepless nights for homeowners and hotel owners alike.
  • Fruit Fly. The fruit fly is one of the most common, and one of the smallest flies found in the home. It is often unknowingly brought into the home on fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Moth Fly. Moth flies are a common small fly generally seen buzzing around drains – thus its common name of drain fly. Though it causes no real damage, its high numbers can cause it to become a nuisance pest in or around the home.
  • Spiders. In general, spiders are beneficial creatures, preying and feeding on flies, crickets, mites, and other household and yard pests. Most are completely harmless to humans. But when they get into your home, they can definitely be a nuisance.
  • Overwintering Insects.

Winter Pest Control Tips

  • Block Their Entry to Your Home. Your first line of defense is to make it difficult for pests to even find an entry to your home.
  • Clean Debis away from house and other exterior buildings.
  • Get Rid of Items from your yard that can house critters while not in use.
  • Inspect sheds and garages regularly let them know you are there.
  • Store Your Firewood Properly.
  • Don’t Throw garbage outside, even frozen it is still food to a hungry critter.