Quality Assurance/Reporting and Auditing

The Greenshield Pest Control Quality Assurance Team audits our own services every day, to be sure your audits are easy on any level. Rest assured, with our expertise and experience you can be confident you’re being provided the highest level of service. Our Quality Assurance team is comprised of Certified QA Auditors, management, technical personnel, and administration all able to resource of a vast library of shared ideas and practical working knowledge which we readily share with our valued customers. We verify the delivery of our Quality services through the performance of QA Audits of clients from all sizes and types of Commercial and Institutional businesses.

Our Greenshield Assured program is geared towards businesses with a focus on preparation and the assurance of exceeding regulatory requirements and achieving top scores on 3rd Party Audits.

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To ensure success, our dedicated Quality Assurance and Technical Team will work with your key point people on steps you can take to help reach our goal of not just providing business pest control, but rather a pest-free environment at your business. This level of feedback and communication often results in higher levels of efficiency & performance.

What to expect from Greenshield’s Quality Assurance Program?  Dedication to your business. We will treat your business as if it were our own. With that in mind, we create an open line of communication between your go-to people and our auditor to ensure pests do not disrupt the day to day operations and profitability of your business.


Our Technical and Quality Assurance Teams will perform audits of your facilities to reinforce good pest control practices, sanitation routines and IPM protocols. Audits can also be tailored to the specific requirements of your facility.


We maintain a QA Log Book which is kept at your facility to ensure continuous communication and to aid in audits and site inspections. Not only do we report our findings in this log, your key personnel may document any changes or new finding in it, as well as refer to MSDS, label and site map documentation pertinent to your facility.

Our Quality Assurance is comprised of management and technicians who with shared ideas and practical working knowledge are an invaluable asset to the Greenshield Pest Control Commitment to excellence.