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Because geese are a protected species clients with geese problems may seek a professional bird control provider. Geese can be very destructive to a property, often arriving in large flocks and as the climate slowly changes, these pests are more often staying throughout the winter in addition to their typical migratory time patterns. In the city, geese can be found in the city parks and beaches. Outside of the city limits, farms and country clubs offer large properties and watercourses that geese are partial to.

Geese are known to carry diseases in their droppings and can quickly destroy a golf course or
contaminate a watercourse. They can also cause significant damage when flying near airports as they can be sucked into airplane engines. Adult geese can be territorial and have been known to attack humans. Their large wingspan makes them intimidating as they can buffet a bystander causing serious injury.

Goose control methods we employ:


  • Hazing trained canines and flock harassment – Trained herding dogs (border collies) are used up to three times per day, seven days a week as they can be trained to harass the flock without causing actual injury to the birds.
  • egg oiling program & depredation – Eggs are oiled with non-toxic mineral oil so as to cause hatch failure. Geese will relocate their nest and start again. This can be done while the geese are not moulted as it is cruel to push the birds when they are unable to fly away.
  • fencing and site modification – designed to interfere with flock mobility so they move to more accessible land. Land is reduced by landscaping or fencing so the flock cannot land and water courses are landscaped or have netting installed so the banks are impossible to traverse.
  • visual repellants – Decoys, lights, and other items used to scare or startle geese.
  • noise and pyrotechnics – Designed to annoy or startle a goose.

Active programs such as the trained dogs work better, however during the summer while the geese are moulting these tactics must change to keep them away from certain locations because during the moulting seasons geese cannot fly. Geese see the dogs as predators and cannot tell that they are trained.

Greenshield’s goose control program is quite extensive and we employ all of the above methods though the dogs are the most effective.

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