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Local Service, Family Owned

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Whether your home has mice or rats, Greenshield can help! Greenshield Pest Control technicians are well-trained, prepared, and understand rodent behaviour and biology. Our process is pet safe and family-friendly for our clients, while also effectively getting rid of the rodents that have invaded your home.

Mouse Control

Mice aren’t supposed to have an open invitation to move into your home, but sometimes it feels that way. Able to pass through small holes, such as those designed for wiring, mice enter your home in search of food and warmth. In the wild, mice have many natural predators, but protected by walls, they can establish a colony so fast you can’t guard your home. As mice are so prolific, the colony will grow exponentially as will the damage they cause to your home. Mice are nocturnal, exploring at night by sound and smell, contaminating your food stores in the process.

Rat Control

The last thing you want to hear at night is the chattering of a happy rat’s teeth. The Norway rat’s destructive nature is so extreme they can chew through almost anything, including steel and concrete. While they can establish dens within the walls of a building, they typically burrow underground, excavating massive areas in their ever increasing quest to expand their territory. Rats are extremely prolific, able to produce a colony of 2000 rats in a year from just one pair. Wary of their environment, the population can easily outsmart your traps and because they carry disease, parasites, and bacteria, they pose a serious health risk.

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Inspection and Assessment

During this step, our expert rodent technician will gather information from home owner or resident and conduct both an interior and exterior assessment of you home or cottage, this service will take up to an hour depending upon the individual needs of your rodent situation.

Gathering information, the information gathered from you is beneficial in your technician being able to focus his/her attention on the key areas and situations specific to your experiences and needs.

Your interior assessment, during the interior assessment the technician will likely require access to your basement, kitchen and possibly attic as well as any other area where you have experienced rodent sightings, noises or have found droppings and or damage. In these key areas he/she will be investigating to determine both the level of infestation as well as ascertaining which rodent is the invader. Attention will be paid to nesting sights, rodent runways (rodents often use wall voids, between ceiling voids plumbing runs and ventilation to move throughout your home or cottage), damage incurred, number of droppings and location of droppings. This information is necessary in the strategic removal of unwanted rodents from your home or cottage.

Your exterior assessment will be conducted After your interior assessment has been completed. Your technician will direct his/her attention to the exterior of your home or cottage. Here he/she will be focussed on finding the primary points of entry rodents are using to gain access to your home as well as any secondary or tertiary potential points of entry they could use in the instance that the primary points were sealed or compromised. A rodent can gain access to your home in any opening larger than the diameter of a dime. Though they often enter low and closer to the foundation rodents are known to climb and use creative ways to gain access higher.

Upon completion of the assessment the technician will do a walk through with you discussing and pointing out any areas of concern you should be made aware of. At this point your technician will create a strategic plan using experience, training and the information gathered from the assessment to both remove the rodents from your home as well as any exclusion, i.e. sealing, proofing, replacement of vent covers etc. Anything needed to assure no new rodents will be able to gain access to your home.

Removal and Prevention

Greenshield has always taken the most immediate and effective approach to the removal of rodents from homes and cottages. Our process is safe and effective for our clients, their children and their pets.

Interior removal of Rats and mice -Using the information gathered from our assessment, we develop a strategic plan for the placement of traps in key locations. Using years of knowledge and experience to select the right bait to lure the very wary rodents. Not every rodent loves cheese!

Baiting & Exterior Evo Bait Stations – Our licensed technicians use extreme caution when using poison bait. Bait is set in only secure locations and when using outdoors it is placed in EVO boxes which are government approved and locked, as per ministry requirements. Our bait is non transferable (explanation; if an animal ingests a rodent that has consumed the rodent is not toxic or dangerous for consumption)

Exclusion – The best way to control mice and rats is to not allow them into your home. We will seal and proof your home closing off any potential entry points to ensure you remain rodent free for years to come.

Restoration & Follow up

Once your technician has completed the removal and prevention work, they will schedule up your follow-up appointment to check any traps or bait boxes and finally remove these from your home or cottage if required. Greenshield Pest Control offers services in disinfection, deodorization and restoration. Our technicians are fully trained to provide cleanup any needed to reduce the risk posed by mouse urine and feces accumulation in your insulation and the rest of the home.

Finally, we will review the success of mouse removal and provide you with a written warranty.

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