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Greenshield Pest Control is committed to providing pest control services that are safe and environmentally responsible. Proudly serving Kingston, Belleville, Brockville and the surrounding areas. Our experience and technology allow us to establish a secure and humane plan to remove all pests from your home.

The hallmark of Greenshield Pest Control is our pest control program, and it is second to none. Our technicians have the expertise to effectively and humanely address any pest problems you may have, utilizing the latest pest control technology available.

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Multi-Pest Plan

Step 1: Assess

We understand that in pest control every situation is unique, the key to solving a pest problem is obtaining the specific knowledge and information relative to the pest and environment it has invaded. The following key areas will be investigated depending on the situation;

Verbal communication with resident or home/cottage owner, to gain insight to personal experiences such as noises heard, pests or pest actively witnessed, damage or deposits made by unwanted pest. Your knowledge is important.

  • Interior inspection of your home or cottage-allows us the opportunity to discover important information about the day to day life of your unwanted pest in your home. Not only can we diagnose the pest but also, it’s nesting sites, runways, access points to food and water as well as any damage we observe that may be pertinent to the home or cottage owner including toxicity of excrement.
  • Interior environmental conditions that may be contributing to an infestation.
  • Exterior inspection or your home or cottage consists of a 4-point inspection designed to locate primary, secondary and tertiary points of entry. Deciphering how the pest has entered as well as noting any other possible points which could be usedif the primary is no longer accessible. Our technicians use the knowledge of years of education and experience to locate and diagnose which areas are most vulnerable to each individual pest.
  • Exterior environmental conditions that may be contributing to an infestation
  • Geographic conditions relevant to higher levels of pest activity.

Step 2: Plan

Using the information gathered from Step 1 a strategic plan is formulated unique to your specific situation. Your Greenshield technician will work with you to assure that only the necessary measures are taken to control your pest problem and correct it for the future. Greenshield Pest Control believes that every customer should be informed and given as much information as possible to assist them in understanding all procedures and services that will be administered. You will be provided inwriting the details of each service and any costs pertaining to each as well as our written guarantee for your services.

Step 3: Implement and Monitor

Your service will be confirmed and scheduled to best coordinate easily into your daily life. While some are not invasive others require a commitment for family and pests to relocate for a period of time. Greenshield understands and will try to accommodate your needs. You will be provided with any necessary preparation needed by you. If you require any documentation regarding any of our products that will be used, we will provide them to you. Your technician will administer your services with professionalism and integrity. Once your initial services have been completed, we will assess if there is further monitoring required. Greenshield Pest Control Guarantees its services and we are here for you 24/7.