Flies & Flying Insect Control

Get Rid Of Your Fly Problem With The Help Of Trained Professionals

Flies and flying insects are often not taken as seriously as they should. An infestation of flies can overtake a home in only a few days. The early stage of maggots is certainly unsavoury, but as they age and morph, flies and other insects become more damaging as they transmit diseases like salmonella, cholera, and dysentery.

Greenshield technicians use a combination of licensed products and processes to control an infestation and establish an insect free environment. Our program is designed around three primary elements: assessment, removal, and monitoring.

Inspection and Assessment

During this step, our licensed Pest Control Technician will gather information from the home/cottage owner or resident to gain the knowledge necessary to both diagnose and develop a plan to eliminate your individual Flying Past situation.

Gathering information, the information gathered from you is beneficial in your technician being able to focus his/her attention on the key areas and situations specific to your experiences and needs.

A physical assessment is used to diagnose the existing fly populations, specific identification of fly species, Fly breeding sites, sources of food and water as well as identifying Sanitation conditions that may be the contributing factor to the infestation.
The technician will inspect for any existing and potential Fly entry points that the invaders have been using or could use to gain access into your home or cottage. Greenshield’s Pest Technicians are experienced and educated in identifying these areas of entry from the basic like open doors, windows, faulty screens or the more complex like breeding sites in drains and hidden cracks and crevices.

Removal and Prevention

Greenshield employs the following technologies for the removal and prevention of Flies in homes or cottages. A plan of action against the unwanted Fly or flying insects is developed by the technician using the information gained during the assessment and with the home or cottage owners individual needs incorporated. Dependant on the Fly or Flying inspect species Any or all of the following are available or could be used in the elimination of your pest situation.

Chemical Controls – insecticide treatments to treat existing fly populations. Including Bio- Remediation – A microbial formula which eliminates the build up of fats, oils and grease to remove the breeding grounds for drain and grease flies.

Fly lights and other mechanical options – Fly lights shine ultraviolet light to attract flies and other flying insects. They either have electric grids that kill instantly or glue boards which capture insects in food sensitive areas.

Exclusion Services: Dealing with an infestation won’t accomplish anything if you don’t deal with the underlying reasons for the infestation. Your Greenshield technician will seal all cracks, crevices and other potential entry points for a long-term prevention solution.

Establishing new sanitary protocols – Greenshield can show you ways to store food, use proper sanitation practices and monitor the possibility of newly introduced pests from products or vegetation brought into your home or cottage.

Implement & Monitor

Regular inspections and maintenance may be required or requested by the home or cottage owner to maintain fixtures or provide ongoing services. Your Greenshield Technician will set up a schedule that works for you. Replacement products are available to order. View products in our online shop and inquire about pricing from one of our Customer Service Representatives.