Flies and Flying Insect Control


Flies and flying insects are often not taken as seriously as they should. An infestation of flies can overtake a location such as drains or near refuse bins in only a few days. The early stage of maggots are certainly unsavory, but as they age and morph, flies and other insects become more damaging as they transmit diseases like salmonella, cholera, and dysentery. A business needs to recognize the costs associated with these pests that can negatively affect the health of your employees, clients, and your reputation.

Greenshield technicians use a mix of single use and multiuse equipment and processes to control an infestation and establish an insect free environment. Our program is designed around three primary elements: assessment, removal, and exclusion and monitoring.

Assess and identify structural and environmental elements that led to the infestation.

Knowing where and how an infestation occurs is the first step of removing it. There are several elements you need to think about however as fly and flying insects don’t simply arrive. There are many environmental or structural conditions that contribute to the infestation. You must understand:

  • Existing fly populations
  • Fly breeding sites
  • Sanitation conditions that can contribute to fly problems
  • Potential fly entry points

Eliminate an existing fly or flying insect infestation.

Many businesses are unaware of fly or flying insect infestations until it is too late. By the time they call in professional such as Greenshield’s technicians, the damage may have already been done. You want to address the incursion quickly and efficiently so you don’t let the infestation affect your business or move to a different location that is more difficult to address.

To properly address an infestation, Greenshield employs the following technologies:

  • Exclusion Services:sealing cracks, crevices and other potential entry points.
  • Chemical Controls: insecticide treatments to treat existing fly populations. Including Bio- Remediation – A microbial formula which eliminates the build up of fats, oils and grease to remove the breeding grounds for drain and grease flies. To see the types of products used for Bio-Remediation visit the store.
  • Fly lights and other mechanical options: Fly lights shine ultraviolet light to attract flies and other flying insects. They either have electric grids that kill instantly or glue boards which capture insects in food sensitive areas.

Long-term prevention solution

Dealing with an infestation won’t accomplish anything if you don’t deal with the underlying reasons for the infestation. There are many cost effective solutions to mitigate the chances of another infestation.

  • Continued exclusion services – Some of the crack sealing processes and entry point closures need to be reassessed as your business grows. Greenshield can continue to show you how these points can be addressed.
  • Establishing new sanitary protocols – Greenshield can show you ways to store and work with materials so they don’t invite flies into your facility.
  • Regular inspections and maintenance – The easiest to set up, inspections can be done by Greenshield, you and your staff if you wish Greenshield to train them, or a combination of both.

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