Keep Your Home Safe From Pests & Wildlife All Year Long

Spring Pest & Wildlife Control

Spring Pest & Wildlife Control

April showers bring May flowers, they should say brings a parade of awakening creepy crawlies and pests alike. Excitedly they skitter crawl and fly about as they emerge from their winter hiding places. With insatiable energy they sprint forward into mating season.

Not unlike those pests we too want to enjoy the fresh air and warmth of the sun. As we go about planting gardens, dragging out patio furniture and barbecues. We are reminded we are sharing our space with difficult neighbours not of the human variety.

Pests That Are More Active In The Spring

  • Spiders. In general, spiders are beneficial creatures, preying and feeding on flies, crickets, mites, and other household and yard pests. Most are completely harmless to humans. But when they get into your home, they can definitely be a nuisance. Not to mention their unsightly webs
  • Mosquitos. Whether gardening, hiking the trails, or playing slo-pitch, the little mosquito is easily the most dependable — and irritating — aspect of spring
  • Ticks. No one wants to think about ticks. They’re creepy, gross-looking, and spread diseases. And Spring, is exactly when you should start paying attention to them.
  • Carpenter Ants. This spring showers bring on the damp conditions Carpenter Ants thrive in. Softening the structure of wood allows these pesky carpenters to build their colonies within your decks and even in the walls of your homes.
  • Cluster Fly. Homeowners generally expect to have to swat a fly or two in the house during the summer months. But arriving home to a full window of flies in the spring is perplexing to the unsuspecting homeowner who has housed a community of breeding flies overwinter.
  • Squirrels. Squirrels get a lot of attention from humans, for their curious playful behaviour. We don’t tend to dwell on the stolen birdseed or them scurrying over our roof tops. But when they enter our attics as unwanted houseguests, we realize quickly they are not to be lived with. Their constant gnawing and chewing and running would make any person crazy. And if that is not enough spring offers up nests of pups as your attic becomes nursery and playground to the furry babies.
  • Raccoons. The Raccoon probably best known for its mischievous-looking black face mask is not a robber but definitely goes on the most wanted list for breaking and entering. During the Spring they are found ransacking attics, trash cans and even on occasion entering right into homes.
  • Mice. A wily, curious creature, the house mouse is the most common of home-invading mice. One or two can go unnoticed but multiplying at a rate of 6-1 every 21 days they are sure not to be ignored for long.
  • Rats. Charlie Brown said it best Rats! And so will you… Spring is breeding season time for these these intelligent rodents to search homes, sheds, garages and even vehicles to house their nurseries.
  • Bed Bugs. For decades, the saying “Sleep tight, don’t let the Bed Bug s bite” was a fairly meaningless lights-out phrase for kids. But within the last few years, bed bugs have reappeared, causing sleepless nights for homeowners and hotel owners alike.
  • Birds. Migrating back these winged feathered friends can feel more like foes. Choosing to nest in soffits, chimneys and on building tops can present serious issues for home and business owners alike.

Spring Pest Control Tips

  • Block Their Entry to Your Home. Your first line of defense is to make it difficult for pests to even find an entry to your home.
  • Rake up left over debris.
  • Get Rid of Standing Water.
  • Maintain Your Yard.
  • Pressure wash the exterior of your home.
  • Check and repair any damage caused over the winter season.
  • Clean out basements and garages of unnecessary items
  • Inspect Attic for signs of leakage or damage.