Human Wildlife Control Solutions

Wildlife isn’t supposed to have an open invitation to move into your home, but sometimes it feels that way. You may not know what it is, but you recognize the patter of tiny claws scraping on the ceiling, hear something gnawing on the rafters in the attic, and can see holes torn in the soffit. It’s not a good feeling. All you are left with are questions. What are they? Where did they come from? What can you do about them? How many are there?

Providing Safe Effective Removal & Exclusion 24/7

Take a deep breath and relax. Greenshield’s experienced wildlife control technicians can help. With over 30 years of experience, our wildlife control process has proven to be both safe and effective. Our highly-trained technicians will thoroughly assess your property and provide you with a comprehensive plan detailing:

  • Diagnosing the invasive species.
  • The level of infestation.
  • The scope of the damage to your property.
  • Which access points were used to get into your home.
  • Strategy for removal.
  • Cleanup procedure.

Every situation is unique. As hard as you may try, you cannot invite a creature to leave as easily as it entered your home. That means you have to have a wildlife technician that can think like they do. Courteous and professional, our knowledgeable technicians will offer you expert advice on how to keep your home safe. We go to great lengths to protect your home as if it was our own.

Squirrel Control

Squirrel Control

Not only do they physically damage your home, squirrels also attract parasites such as ticks and fleas and their droppings can pose serious health risks like bacterial infections.

Raccoon Control

Raccoon Control

Often described as cute and curious, the furry raccoon can be very destructive to your property as they are active all year-round, tearing or chewing through anything including the structure of your home. Their bandit like appearance lends humour to the fact that they will do nearly anything to steal garbage or even burglarize and break into your home or cottage, using force if necessary.

Skunk Control

Skunk Control

There is no mistaking the white-streaked black furry coat of a skunk. Because of their ability to cover you with their noxious oily spray and the chance that they can carry rabies, it is always advisable to contact a skunk control professional for safe and humane removal.

Bird Control

Bird Control

Whether it’s a flight of birds or the pesky presence of a single bird trapped within your home, birds can pose a health hazard. Bird droppings can have lasting effects on decks, vehicles, and exterior paint, as well as your health.

Bat Control

While extremely beneficial in nature, bats can have an immediate negative impact on your property. Bats create a foul odour in your home and keep you up at night with continuous scratching and noise. They pose a serious health risk due to the presence of their guano.

Inspection and Assessment

During this step, our expert wildlife technician will gather information from the home/cottage owner or resident and conduct both an interior and exterior assessment of you home or cottage, this service will take up to an hour depending upon the individual needs of your wildlife situation.

Gathering information, the information gathered from you is beneficial in your technician being able to focus his/her attention on the key areas and situations specific to your experiences and needs.

Your interior assessment, during the interior assessment the technician will likely require access to your basement, kitchen and possibly attic as well as any other area where you have experienced wildlife sightings, noises or have found droppings, excrement and or damage. In these key areas he/she will be investigating to determine both the level of infestation as well as ascertaining which wildlife species is the invader. Attention will be paid to nesting sights, wildlife runways (rodents often use wall voids, between ceiling voids plumbing runs and ventilation to move throughout your home or cottage), (Bats often inhabit attic spaces but use wall voids to move closer to warmth during the winter season) damage incurred, number of droppings, location of droppings and the presence of wildlife babies. This information is necessary in the strategic removal of unwanted wildlife from your home or cottage.

Your exterior assessment will be conducted After your interior assessment has been completed. Your technician will direct his/her attention to the exterior of your home or cottage. Here he/she will be focussed on finding the primary points of entry the wildlife is using to gain access to your home as well as any secondary or tertiary potential points of entry they could use in the instance that the primary points were sealed or compromised. Wildlife can gain access to your home in any opening larger than the diameter of a dime and for some much larger dependant on the invader. A four-point assessment is conducted on your home paying specific attention to all known stress points of the home. i.e. soffits, fascia, roof, walls, roof or gable vents, bathroom vent pipes, garage doors, roof intersections, door sweeps and any other problem areas depending on building type and the wildlife species suspected.

Upon completion of the assessment the technician will do a walk through with you discussing and pointing out any areas of concern you should be made aware of. At this point your technician will create a strategic plan using experience, training and the information gathered from the assessment to both remove the rodents from your home as well as any exclusion, i.e. sealing, proofing, replacement of vent covers, chimney caps, etc. Anything needed to assure no new wildlife of the same variety will be able to gain access to your home.

Removal and Prevention

Greenshield has always taken the most immediate and effective approach to the removal of wildlife from homes and cottages. Our process is safe and effective for our clients, their children and their pets.

Interior removal of Wildlife -Using the information gathered from our assessment, we develop a strategic plan for the placement of snap traps, live traps, one-way door excluders or bat cones in key locations. Using over 30 years of knowledge and experience to select the right bait to lure the very wary wildlife.

Trapping – The use of snap traps is the preferred method to rid mice from a home or cottage. With a well-developed plan, strategic placement and knowledgeable baiting techniques the capture of rodents is quick and clean with no unwanted rodents perishing within wall voids or hidden areas of your home or cottage.

Live Trapping –Whenever possible Greenshield prefers to allow wildlife to exit willingly, however in some situations the capture and removal of an unwanted invader is necessary. In such a case live traps are set up and monitored often to assure the offending captive is released quickly and safely back into the outdoors.

Baby Boxes – Greenshield Pest Control has a humane approach to pest control, we assure babies are never left behind or separated from their mothers. In the situation of wildlife babies a heated, secure, protective baby box is administered to house the infants until the Mother feels safe to collect and relocate them.

One Way Door Excluders –The best way to exit is to go back out the way you came in, most wildlife invaders are actively entering and exiting your home gathering food, accessing water and even collecting nesting material. The best way to remove an unwanted guest is to let them leave but refuse them to re-enter. In most wildlife situations a one-way door excluder is attached to the primary entry point a critter is using. It is a cage like structure with a draw bridge that once crossed will trigger a door mechanism to close so the unwanted guest can no longer re-enter.

Bat Cones – Bats are a protected species and careful attention is given to their preservation and care in removal. The one-way cone is a safe and effective removal device that allows bats to leave and prevents their return. A smooth small plastic cone attached to the primary points of entry allows bats to safely take flight from the attic space or interior and the narrow slippery surface makes it impossible for them to latch on and climb back in.

Baiting & Exterior Evo Bait Stations – Our licensed technicians use extreme caution when using poison bait. Bait is set in only secure locations and when using outdoors it is placed in EVO boxes which are government approved and locked, as per ministry requirements. Our bait is non transferable (explanation; if an animal ingests a rodent that has consumed the rodent is not toxic or dangerous for consumption)

Exclusion -The best way to control any wildlife is to not allow them into your home. Using the information gained during the assessment we provide the necessary exclusion needed to seal and proof your home closing off any potential entry points and securing any secondary or tertiary potential points of entry to ensure you remain rodent free for years to come.

Exclusion – The best way to control any wildlife is to not allow them into your home. Using the information gained during the assessment we provide the necessary exclusion needed to seal and proof your home closing off any potential entry points and securing any secondary or tertiary potential points of entry to ensure you remain rodent free for years to come.

Restoration and Follow Up

Once your technician has completed the removal and prevention work, they will schedule any follow up appointments necessary to check any traps, bait boxes, they will assess the success of eviction with all one-way doors and finally remove these from your home or cottage if required. Once your pest situation is controlled successfully Greenshield Pest Control can offer services in disinfection, deodorization and restoration. Our technicians are fully trained to provide any cleanup or decontamination needed to reduce the risk posed by wildlife waste accumulation in your insulation and the rest of the home.

Finally, we will review the success of wildlife removal and provide you with a written warranty.

Wildlife Guarantee

We’re not done until you’re satisfied. Every job that Greenshield completes is backed by our 100% guarantee.

Our 100% guarantee assures you the peace of mind in knowing that Greenshield will be there if issues arise in the future. We also offer extended warranties.