Bedbug Control


Bedbugs don’t just live inside beds. They can occupy almost any area of any room of your property regardless of your hygiene or housekeeping habits. They are often transported in luggage and are typically found in buildings like hotels or apartments and increasingly in homes. They are nocturnal bloodsucking pests and congregate where they can eat, typically the bedroom.

Understanding bedbugs is the first step to removing them. You have to approach an infestation as quickly as possible and have a plan in place for immediate treatments and long term prevention, especially for a hotel or other facility so new bugs aren’t left by your next clients.

Bedbug problems are the most difficult pest problem to solve, professional help is highly recommended. Greenshield has extensive bedbug control experience to eliminate your problem quickly and effectively. Following an Integrated Pest Management approach to bedbug control, our process for eliminating a bedbug infestation is as follows:

  • Insecticide treatments – residual control product which breaks down slowly over time is used to eliminate adult and instar bedbugs. During this treatment a trained technician will apply a pest control product to strategic areas of the infestation.
  • Vacuum services are a quick way to remove bedbugs from the bed and furniture. Care must be taken with vacuum bags and equipment must be sanitized between uses. Vacuuming is not effective for picking up eggs as bedbugs will secure them to surfaces where they have been laid.
  • Steam treatments – steam heat is an effective method to eliminate bedbugs at all life-stages. During this treatment a trained technician will apply steam heat in a precise manner to cover all infested areas.
  • Heat treatments – A green solution that allows you to treat multiple units at once, creating a bug free environment.
  • Cryonite/freezing non-pesticide treatment is similar to steam heat destroying all stages of bedbug development
  • Client preparation checklist: For service preparation steps click here to view the checklist.

Preventative Inspection Programs/ K9 Bedbug Detection


  • Our professional Greenshield Bedbug technicians can inspect a portion of rooms each month or quarter. Identifying bedbug problems before they spread will recue costs associated with treatments and avoid poor customer perception.
  • K-9 bedbug detection – can detect an infestation with very high accuracy and lead to control much faster than other detection methods.

Staff Training

Bedbug training programs: We teach your staff how to recognize the signs of an infestation early to minimize the chances of a larger infestation. During staff training you’ll learn methods of prevention, how to identify the signs of an infestation, and the best housekeeping procedures.

Inspection and Identification – to best understand the severity of your problem a property inspection is needed. This step is important to ensure a positive identification of bedbugs and to develop a treatment plan. During this step, a trained technician will thoroughly inspect all possible bedbug harborage areas of your home or business. In multi-unit dwellings such as hotels or apartments all units with adjoining walls must be inspected to ensure proper treatment.

Treatments & Programs – Once the severity of your problem has been established, your technician will share with you the most effective control methods and preventative programs. Greenshield treatment plans include a comprehensive approach and include the following methods:

Follow Up & Prevention – Following the Bedbug treatment, 2 follow up inspections are scheduled to ensure all bedbugs have been eliminated. Ongoing monitoring can be done using preventative products such as bedbug traps or monitors and can be done in conjunction with Greenshield’s preventative inspection programs.


Preventative Bedbug Products


  • Bedbug prevention products: Check out our list of products in our store, from mattress covers to do it yourself options. These can be used on your own property or when you are travelling so you don’t transport bugs from any place you stay.
  • Bedbug detection monitoring devices and traps are an effective way to identify existing infestations and monitor rooms following treatments. Most devices work 24 hours per day simulating a human blood meal.

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