Hygiene Services

We provide solutions that encompass restroom hygiene, air freshening, as well as products specifically designed for ‘away from home’ areas. To ensure building owners and managers can address their facility’s needs.

Supplying hygiene products since our inception, focusing on high traffic public and commercial bathrooms. Schools and hospitals, restaurants and hotels all rely on Greenshield for hygiene services and products to maintain a safe and clean environment for staff and customers alike.

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Air sanitizer

A fresh smell is the first sign of a clean operation. Installation and maintenance. Sanitizers and Deodorizers, Kills Germs, Freshens Air and Reduces Odours

Hands-Free Auto Soap Dispenser

An automatic sanitizer for washrooms to reduce waste.

Hand Sanitizer

Sanitize your hands without water, soap or towels. Utilized by hospitals, schools and hotel lobbies to control the spread of germs and disease.

Auto Clean for Urinals and Toilets

These programmable dispensing units keep stalls clean and sanitary. It also helps to control hard water deposits on pipes.

Feminine Hygiene Disposal

A touch-free unit with a discrete design that can be installed almost anywhere.

Hands Free Auto Faucet

A slight wave of your hand in front of the sensor and the faucet will dispense water.