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Wasp, Bee & Hornet Removal Services

For more than 3 decades, Greenshield Pest Control has been Canada’s most reputable provider of pest control services, offering safe and dependable pest management solutions for homes and businesses.

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Wasp, Bee & Hornet Removal Services

Bee Prevention

Bees can enter any structure or object that contains a hole that is a quarter of an inch or larger. A common bee-prevention technique is to seal all potential bee entries with durable materials, like metal screen and caulk. Reducing outdoor clutter can also prevent bees from nesting in your yard. Unused appliances or lawn equipment found in yards can attract honey bees since they provide sufficient shelter for a hive to thrive.

Wasp Prevention

Clean outdoor trash cans frequently and always keep the lids on tight avoid putting out waste with soda cans and or sweet-smelling items like rotting meat. Keep leaves and yard debris swept up and orderly. Keep bushes and trees properly pruned over grown bushes and trees allow for hidden nests. Empty standing water from bird baths, rain gutters, animal dishes, and other items that collect rain water, wasps need a water source to build their nests.