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Ants are often not taken as seriously as they should be. An infestation of ants can seriously affect your quality of living as well as cause serious damage to the structure of your home. Greenshield Pest Control treats the various species of ants that are invading your home or cottage.

There are 3 common home and cottage invaders of the Ant species, each is unwelcome and annoying, but there are 2 species that pose a serious threat. Both the pharaoh Ant and the Carpenter Ant can be very destructive and difficult to remove from your home or cottage.

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Ant Removal Services

Regular Small Ant, Sugar Ant, and Pavement Ant Treatment

These invaders are easily treated with the use of professional grade ant baits, gels or chemical application by a licensed technician.

Assessment of the service required will be administered by a Customer Service Representative who will collect important information from you concerning your individual specific ant control situation. He/she will ascertain if the infestation is on the interior or exterior of your home or cottage and decide which method of treatment is best suited to the situation and the needs of the

Pharaoh Ant Treatment

Baiting is the most effective method of control for pharaoh ants. A professional Gel bait administered by a licensed technician is placed in strategic areas where ants are traveling, as close to the nesting sites as possible, in places where the ants are entering/exiting from within walls, behind appliances, ceilings etc. Gel Bait will also be placed in those areas where Pharaoh Ants are collecting food and water.

In most cases all ants will be eliminated after the initial baiting, but due to the Pharaoh Ants notable ability to be a difficult pest it may take multiple services to set bait to eliminate them permanently form your home or cottage. Rest assured at Greenshield Pest Control we stand behind Our Service Guarantee and will not quit until you are free of the unwanted invader.

Regular Small Ant, Sugar Ant, and Pavement Ant Treatment

It is best to seek immediate professional help for these destructive invaders. Quick containment is the best solution to Carpenter Ants because by the time you notice the trail of large black scouting ants, colonies may have spread extensively throughout your home or property. Mature Carpenter Ant colonies consist of thousands of ants. They prefer moist decaying wood however; this will not stop them from establishing a colony within the walls or burrowing into solid wood within your home.