Lee Smith

I wanted to call and say thank you because people so rarely say thank you these days. So thank you to Jason and your team for reproofing my house against raccoons. I couldn’t be happier with the service.

Marie Ramsay

Wild Jay completed everything to my satisfaction. He was pleasant and courteous. He even went the extra mile and carried my tires to my car. The job was completed in entirety and to my complete satisfaction.

Laurie Wilson

My technician, Patrick arrived 10 minutes before our 11:00 appointment. Dressed well, polite, friendly and ready to complete his task. He went to work with the task at hand. On completion we exchange conversations and off Patrick went on to his next appointment. It was like watching a friend leave and look forward to my next appointment in the fall. Thank you for the service and our visit. Till the fall.

Roxanne Sime

I had a bat in my house and I didn’t know what to do. I called Greenshield at approximately midnight. They called me back right away and were able to come that night to get the bat out of my house! I was so happy that I didn’t have to worry about that bat any more.

Debra Hamilton

I have a rental property in Kingston that recently had raccoons move into the attic. I called Greenshield Pest Control based on their reviews and couldn’t of been more satisfied.

Sue Belyea

I had a squirrel trapped in my chimney and called Greenshield to come remove it. I found Greenshield’s Wildlife team to be very knowledgeable about squirrels and they provided me with different options to solve my problem.

Mike Vanquanett

During the exterior insect treatment of my home the service was very professional. I haven’t seen anything since! We will be using your services again.

Tom Sech

Squirrel Control: The service was excellent. Jason is the best! Everything happened as he said it would. I’m a Real Estate Agent and will be recommending Greenshield to all my clients and colleagues.

Scott Vader

I’ve never had a service technician arrive at my house at the exact time he said he would. He was professional, courteous, very thorough. Problem solved.

Leisa Sherfield

Wildlife Team Leader Jason helped us with raccoons and mice was very thorough and helpful. I would strongly recommend him to all my friends and neighbours. Much appreciated.

Steve H

Greenshield Pest Control runs the pest bird, rodent control and wildlife control at Invista Manufacturing in Kingston. I’m very satisfied with the bottle the results and the service. The staff at Greenshield are professional, provide excellent response time and deliver a high quality program.

Bill Nacu

Worker was Andrew, friendly efficient. Explained things very clearly. Called when slightly delayed – much appreciated. Very pleased with every aspect of the business arrangement. Would readily recommend him to any friend. Thanks for the service.

Jackie Brown

Frank is an awesome guy with a great sense of humour. He is very thorough with his list of duties and always available to answer any questions our office staff may have. If we every have an emergency with pest in our office or yard we call Greenshield Pest Control and Frank is on it. 🙂

Trevor Sandford

We called Greenshield when we had a rat problem. Rats were flooded out due to rain that washed out their dens. The rats turned to the Legion as their new home. Our original pest control provider wasn’t able to solve the problem so we called Greenshield. Greenshield got rid of the problem and since then with regular maintenance we haven’t had a problem.

Brian Simpson

I was having a problem with a small bug I was finding in my basement hallway coming in from the garage. I caught a couple in a bag and took them into Greenshield who quickly identified them as very common. They gave me some sticky tents which helped but also did a foundation spray on the outside of the house. I will have the spray done every spring from now on.

Greenshield was very professional and reassuring. Their prices are also reasonable. I am thinking of trying their new garlic spray for mosquitos and ticks in 2021. Spoke with Curtis and they are very up to date with this product.

Would highly recommend this company.

Melissa Dunnett

We had been doing battle with mice for a few months when Jason came the first time I knew we were in good hands very shortly after he arrived. He did a very thorough exterior assessment of our place and pointed out some problem areas – but also told us how he could fix them. inside, he showed us how the mice were getting in – through those exterior problem spots. He was able to fix-up those areas – quickly – so no new mice were coming in. And, set traps inside. He called the next week – as promised- and come back out. Overall the service and information was “spot on” – well worth the price!

Margaret Hutchinson

I just had service done at my home and wanted to let you know how completely satisfied I am. You were quick answering my call for help and kept me updated on when service would arrive. Your service technicians were very efficient and very polite and well mannered. Thanks for and excellent job.