Skunk Control

Generally harmless, there is no mistaking the white-streaked black furry coat of a skunk. A skunk will only spray when threatened, but great care is cautioned for homeowners and their pets, especially at night as these nocturnal animals venture out to forage. Because of their ability to cover you with their noxious oily spray and the chance that they can carry rabies, it is always advisable to contact a professional for safe and humane removal.

Inspection and Assessment

Greenshield Wildlife Solutions technicians are well-trained, prepared, and understand skunk behaviour and biology. During this step our Wildlife Solutions technician will gather information, including your observations of activity, investigate the property to observe all skunk activity, and search for the presence of babies.

  • Our Bird & Wildlife technicians provide a thorough inspection of your property to identify all current and future potential skunk entry points.
  • Our inspection of your property for skunk activity includes your deck, porch, shed, garbage bins, nearby wooded areas, your garage and outbuildings and any other problem areas depending on building type.
  • Our Bird & Wildlife technicians will assess the condition of your deck and shed including contamination or damage caused by the skunks.
  • Once your problem has been accurately assessed, you will receive a description of steps required to solve your skunk problem. The options presented during this step will establish a thorough process that can be monitored and adjusted if necessary. It will take into consideration the potential presence of skunk babies in the spring and the steps required to humanely remove them.


Removal and Prevention

Since our inception, Greenshield has always taken a humane approach to the removal of wildlife from property and buildings. Our process supports this approach and our methods are safe and effective for our clients and the wildlife we deal with.

  • Our Greenshield skunk one-way door systems are used at the primary point of entry to remove the invading skunk and then provide preventative proofing to all other potential entry areas so there is no chance a skunk can return.
  • Our Bird & Wildlife technicians will ensure all points of entry to your home and outbuildings are sealed and balance the aesthetics of your home with effectively keeping skunks out.

Restoration and Follow Up

Once our Bird & Wildlife technicians have completed the removal and prevention work, they will plan for their return to remove any one-way doors or excluders and then repair any damage to your home so you’ll never know there was a skunk in your home, shed, or deck area.

We won’t leave you with a mess in your home or outbuildings as our Bird & Wildlife technicians will carry out any services needed to reduce the risk posed by skunk feces accumulation in your home. Our technicians are fully trained to provide cleanup and restoration services to your home, including your porch or deck.

At this point in the service, we will review the success of skunk removal so you know we stand behind our guarantee.

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