Greenshield Home Club Membership

Membership Has Its Privileges!

When you join the Greenshield Pest Control Home Club, you will receive 20% off all pricing and quotations for your home….or a friend/family’s home! That’s right – 20% off all pricing for your residential address attached to your membership as well as any other residential addresses that you add to your account!

Peace of Mind for Pennies a Day!

Your Greenshield Home Club Membership has enormous benefits for very little. For $75 annually, you can enjoy the savings as well as “Front of the Line” service and bookings. Be a part of contests and giveaways as well!

And this is the best part!

You can add as many residential addresses to your account as you wish so family members and friends can benefit from your membership!

If Greenshield is at your place of business

If Greenshield is your pest control provider at your place of work, every employee gets a FREE membership (for as long as Greenshield remains the pest control provider at your work)!

What's' The Catch?

There is none. Let’s say you have a wasp nest. You are quoted $135. You decide to purchase a Greenshield Home Club Membership for $75. Your wasp nest is now only $108! If you decide to be a nice person and treat the wasp nest at your mom’s house, she is also privy to 20% off! Just add her address to your account!

Why Is Greenshield Offering This?

Simple: Customer loyalty and user experience. We want you to have no reason not to have Greenshield as your only Pest control provider at home and at work.

*All pricing is subject to taxes and fees.

Join The Greenshield Home Club today!

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