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Whether your home has mice or rats, Greenshield can help! Greenshield Pest Control technicians are well-trained, prepared, and understand rodent behaviour and biology. Our process is pet safe and family-friendly for our clients, while also effectively getting rid of the rodents that have invaded your home.

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Greenshield Rodent Control

Mouse Control

Mice aren’t supposed to have an open invitation to move into your home, but sometimes it feels that way. Able to pass through small holes, such as those designed for wiring, mice enter your home in search of food and warmth. In the wild, mice have many natural predators, but protected by walls, they can establish a colony so fast you can’t guard your home. As mice are so prolific, the colony will grow exponentially as will the damage they cause to your home. Mice are nocturnal, exploring at night by sound and smell, contaminating your food stores in the process.

Rat Control

The last thing you want to hear at night is the chattering of a happy rat’s teeth. The Norway rat’s destructive nature is so extreme they can chew through almost anything, including steel and concrete. While they can establish dens within the walls of a building, they typically burrow underground, excavating massive areas in their ever increasing quest to expand their territory. Rats are extremely prolific, able to produce a colony of 2000 rats in a year from just one pair. Wary of their environment, the population can easily outsmart your traps and because they carry disease, parasites, and bacteria, they pose a serious health risk.