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Often described as cute and curious, the furry raccoon can be very destructive to your property as they are active all year-round, tearing or chewing through anything including the structure of your home. Their bandit like appearance lends humor to the fact that they will do nearly anything to steal garbage or even burglarize and break into your home or cottage, using force if necessary. These nocturnal pests will establish their dens in many spaces, favouring the darker spaces such as under the deck, in sheds and out buildings and especially the attic as it is warm and dry. Using this den to give birth to litters of raccoon pups. Due to the chance of carrying rabies and other diseases, raccoons are considered especially dangerous invaders.

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Our 3 Step Raccoon Process

Inspection and Assessment

During this step, our expert wildlife technician will gather information from the home/cottage owner or resident and conduct both an interior and exterior assessment of you home or cottage, this service will take up to an hour depending upon the individual needs of your wildlife situation.

Gathering information, the information gathered from you is beneficial in your technician being able to focus his/her attention on the key areas and situations specific to your experiences and needs.

Your interior assessment, during the interior assessment the technician will require access to your attic, shed, garage or any other area where you have experienced racoon sightings, noises or have found droppings, excrement and or damage. In these key areas he/she will be investigating to determine both the level of infestation as well as ascertaining that it is a Racoon who is the invader. Attention will be paid to damage incurred, number of droppings, location of droppings and the presence of raccoon babies. This information is necessary in the strategic removal of unwanted Racoon from your home or cottage.

Your exterior assessment will be conducted After your interior assessment has been completed. Your technician will direct his/her attention to the exterior of your home or cottage. Here he/she will be focussed on finding the primary points of entry the Raccoon has used to gain access to your home as well as any secondary or tertiary potential points of entry they could use in the instance that the primary points were sealed or compromised. A four-point assessment is conducted on your home paying specific attention to all known stress points of the home. i.e. soffits, fascia, roof vents, chimney caps and roof damage, as well as any other problem areas depending on building type.

Upon completion of the assessment the technician will do a walk through with you discussing and pointing out any areas of concern you should be made aware of. At this point your technician will create a strategic plan using experience, training and the information gathered from the assessment to both remove the racoon from your home as well as any exclusion, i.e. sealing, proofing, replacement of vent covers, chimney caps, etc. Anything needed to assure this raccoon or and any other will not be able to gain access to your home.

Removal and Prevention

Once your technician has completed the removal and prevention work, they will schedule any follow up appointments necessary to check and assess the success of eviction by all one-way doors and finally remove these from your home or cottage. Once your Raccoon situation is controlled successfully Greenshield Pest Control can offer services in disinfection, deodorization and restoration. Our technicians are fully trained to provide any cleanup or decontamination needed to reduce the risk posed by Raccoon waste accumulation in your insulation and the rest of the home.

Finally, we will review the success of Raccoon removal and provide you with a written warranty.

Wildlife Guarantee

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