Small Fly Program


Small flies can be a nuisance to anyone, but when it comes to restaurants and food handling services, small flies can become extremely costly. Health standards require a zero tolerance for flies of any kind. Our program is designed to get to the hidden places where small flies live.

Small Flies include:


  • Fruit Flies
  • House Flies
  • Phorid Flies
  • Drain (Moth) Flies
  • Bluebottle Flies

Greenshield’s small fly program consists of three parts:

To properly understand the extent of the infestation, you need to assess both the current state of the pests and the environment around them. We look to determine, what kind of flies you are dealing with and then we look for origin of the infestation itself and for structural deficiencies that lead to its continued existence.

There are several ways to deal with small flies, however when it comes to food handling, you need to have a solution that is HACCP approved and has limited long-term effects on the environment.

  • Foam bio-remediation is the most used solution as it takes care of the living and breeding grounds for pests like drain flies. This solution is a microbial product that breaks down the fat content that pools in drains.
  • Traps can either be electricity or glued based. Typically they also entail the use of UV lights to entice flies.

Exclusion is the process of making sure that an infestation doesn’t reoccur. Bio-remediation falls into the category as it is designed to remove the breeding grounds for certain pests. The foaming microbes can be applied to other locations other than the drains to affect an infestation. Greenshield will also establish a schedule of assessments and training to ensure your staff can detect the early signs of an infestation.

No program is completely without consistent checkups. Greenshield will continue to monitor your location whether it is a hotel, restaurant or any other industry that may attract flies to ensure there are no more infestations, in the original location or any other.

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